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Side Tables

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Side Tables

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Outstanding collection of side tables

Side tables aren’t just for the bedside. Living room side tables can enhance your decor with their own statements. Art and function meet in our outstanding collection of side tables for the living room. A few offer a touch of whimsy as well.

Black Living Room Side Tables

Speaking of whimsy, one of our black tables is shaped like a leather suitcase. It hints at a bit of mystery about what could be inside it. There’s an old saying that, “Black goes with everything.” Our supremely crafted black tables certainly prove that point.

With tabletops of materials from marble to metal, and with storage options, our aesthetically pleasing black living room side tables can also double as cabinets. Tuck your coasters away in a cozy drawer. The remarkably clean and artistic lines of our side tables will then shine through with no distractions.

Customizable Side Tables

Even with our dozens of options, you might find yourself wanting something else. We’ll be glad to serve you in that regard. Many of our side tables are fully customizable in size, color, and material of both the tabletop and the frame. We want you to be able to have what you ardently desire for your home or business.

Interesting Shapes in Side Tables for Living Rooms

You can find round tables. There are octagonal tables, triangular tables, and tables that are amorphous in shape. There is something for nearly every modern style and taste. Similarly, there is much to complement classic styles as well.

Only the Top Materials

We feature first-class tables fashioned from combinations of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Polyester
  • Velvet

In all cases, the suppliers and expert table builders with whom we partner all take the greatest care in creating these magnificent tables for you. We’d be happy to discuss your preferences with you, particularly when it comes to matching colors with your existing furniture.

Small Side Tables for Your Living Room

Not everything has to be big and bombastic to leave a lasting impression. Something that’s small, yet finely wrought, can stay with you too. Some of our side tables are just 40 cm tall, but they radiate pure presence at a visceral level. These tables also sit well next to our coffee tables among your other furniture and truly contribute to the overall effect of your living room.

Form and Function

Flowing shapes, utilitarian corners, and multiple levels all come together in our selection of side tables. Our very best examples effortlessly combine practicality and durability with grace and elegance. You can make great use of space in designing your living room by choosing one of our premium side tables.

The Importance of Lighting

Several of our side tables are designed specifically to hold lamps. Their finishes reflect light in a pleasing way, and they’ll do much to accentuate the style and design of your living room. Choosing the right height to place your lamps is important, and we’ll discuss such customization with you.