Hollow Side Table

by Castro Lighting
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By definition, Hollow is “having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty”. Hollow table materializes this concept as its design perfectly embodies it.
This piece is composed by several 24k gold brass tubes that are joined on the top with a glass plate, surrounded by a black lacquered large strip and at the bottom with a black lacquered round base. By having a see-through design, Hollow table is very unique and is the ideal statement piece to any décor, making it complete. The color combination, the black with the gold, conveys it a luxurious look whilst being simple and elegant. Adorn your interiors with this sophisticated design providing a deluxe and chic vibe.
ref. Hollow
Height: 70 cm  Diameter:  45 cm 
Net weight:  18 Kg  Gross weight:  38 Kg
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