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Tables. Base in Cristalplant®, composite material based on polyester and acrylic resins, loaded with minerals and mass pigmented. For the version 2575, tempered, extraclear, acidated plate glass top painted in the shade of white or made of white Carrara marble only matching the matt white base; or Sahara Noir marble top, with stain-resistant clear matt polyester protective varnish, matching the matt black varnished base. For the version 2576, clear plate glass top, matching the matt white base or black glossy lacquered; or smoky grey plate glass top only matching the black glossy lacquered base.
-2575 ELICA Dimensions
For Plate Glass Top, Carrara Marble Top, and Sahara Noir Marble Top
-2576 ELICA Dimensions
For Clear Glass Top and Smoky Glass Top
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