Dining Tables

Dining Tables

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Dining Tables

Items 1-6 of 379

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Timeless Large Dining Room Tables

Your dining table is the focus of the gathering places in your home. It should make a bold statement and also hark back to a simpler time when families met at 6 p.m. for dinner together. A dining table with a bench will give you extra seating space for dinner party guests too.

World-Class Dining Room Tables

Whether you select wood, metal, glass, or even leather for your new table, you will get not only the best materials available but also the finest workmanship. Metals will gleam. Glass will sparkle. Marble will be quietly beautiful, and leather will show a bit of sass.

Some tables merge more than one of these superior materials together. Glass, titanium, and burnished bronze combine for a striking look in one corner of our furniture showroom. In another, a stunning round dining table of spectacular wood with a stylish stone inlay will appeal to your most discerning tastes.

For al fresco dining, a low small dining table of marble is just right on your deck. Drinks and appetizers will look right at home on its solid marble top. Your latest kitchen success will make a fine dinner for a few of your close friends, that’s for sure.

The Casual Dinner at a Wood Dining Room Table

You won’t always be looking to put on a formal dinner party. Maybe City have a game in the Champions League, and you want a few of your mates to come by for dinner. We’ve got lovely wood dining room tables for you to peruse and select.

Round or rectangular, the table you choose will be a wonderful addition to your football night. Just because the game itself has a “two and six” feel for fish and chips doesn’t mean that the craftsmanship, quality materials, and sense of style are any less on these wonderful wood dining tables.

The Height of Our Dining Room Tables

The short table we have is just 55 cm off the floor whereas the highest is 78 cm. Most of our tables are either 75 cm or 76 cm high. You can pick the table to gives you the most presence in your dining room.

Other Materials of Our Tables

In addition to the premium construction materials already mentioned, we offer tables of:

  • Fabric
  • Plastic
  • Carved wood

The carved table of Indian wood that we offer is among our absolutely finest options. The workmanship is even more exquisite than that of our other tables. It will truly be a treasured heirloom for decades to come, calmly proclaiming its utmost quality and mesmerizing presence.

The plastic table might seem industrial at first thought, but just one glance will put that thought out of your mind. It’s a fabulous table that weighs less than our other tables of wood or metal, so despite its appearance of solidity, it’s quite easy to move within your home. That makes it terrific for dining room meals one day and living room snacks the next.