Porada Furniture For Sale: Buy Porada Furniture | Astounding Battersea


Porada Furniture For Sale: Buy Porada Furniture | Astounding Battersea

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  1. Porada Softbay Sofa
    Price £7,852.00
  2. Porada Cozy Room Divider
    As low as £1,166.00
  3. Porada Smile Pouf
    Price £1,064.00
  4. Porada Afrodite Mirror
    As low as £1,068.00
  5. Porada Hilton Room Divider
    As low as £6,507.00

Porada Furniture For Sale: Buy Porada Furniture | Astounding Battersea

Items 1-6 of 160

Set Descending Direction

Porada  Italian Furniture

Porada Italian furniture offers modern design concepts, such as clean lines, nearly minimalist styling, and top-grade materials. From the nifty Lagom pouf that functions as an extra seat, footstool, or simply a decorative piece to large rondo cabinets, everything dazzles.

Contemporary Porada Furniture for the UK

Brushed bronze and titanium are favorites in the Porada collection. Glass an walnut, along with other splendid woods, are also part of the main collection. Each piece doesn’t only come in one variety either. For some of the tables, you can pick rock, marble, different kinds of metal, glass, wood, or even plastic as your tabletop material.

If you pick wood, then you get to choose from among several finishes for your item. Sideboards of two-tone wood and pewter legs offer smile-inducing storage space for your living room, dining room, or den.

Porada Furniture Sale

When you’re contemplating purchasing a magnificent Porada piece of furniture, you’re going to want the best possible price. To that end, we’ve created the Astounding Price Promise. That means that if you find it for less elsewhere, then we’ll match the price you found. We want you to be able to afford the exceptional quality of Porada furniture.

Multiuse Pieces

With Porada furniture, you almost get “two for one” when you purchase something. The Riga table, for example, is a fine chest of four drawers, but it’s compact enough also to be functional as an end table in the bedroom or living room. Benches can be square ottomans. Baby tables can hold lamps too. The Micol dressing table can double as a small writing desk or television stand. Utility is as important in these pieces as artistic form.

Continuity of Style

Many Porada pieces resemble other Porada pieces. The Riga sideboard and Riga chest of drawers go very well together, for example. The same holds true of the Smile pouf and the Alcide Circle pouf that resemble the Lagom pouf in style and function. Another pair that goes very well together is the Vera armchair and the Vera Begere chair.


Soulful Reflections

Porada’s mirrors, which come in different shapes and sizes, will grace your wall with elegance and splendor. They’ll reflect your good taste, pardon the pun, and each of them is more spectacular than the next. Whether the mirror you select comes with doors on it or not, you can rest assured that one of our prized partners has put all of their talents into creating a fabulous piece for your home.