Astounding Battersea

Astounding Battersea is London's finest furniture and Control 4 smart home centre, offering clients and private consumers a complete luxury home solution. Services include the supply of global high end furniture brands, smart home control and audio visual systems as well as high end interior design, FFF&E, build and project management. Complete Luxury.


The premier online showroom for luxury home decor, indoor & outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs, Control 4 and Lutron.

Astounding Battersea is a furniture store that provides exceptional to discerning clients with good taste. Dining room tables are a “specialty of the house.” Italian furniture is both striking in its beauty and timeless in its effect. You will not find a finer marble and wooden dining room table anywhere.


A Classy Home Furniture Shop

Our showroom in Battersea of 400m2 provides you with a welcoming vibe, and our highly trained and conscientious staff members will help you in any way they can. We supply every style from traditional and rustic to avant-garde, so nearly everyone can find something that fits.


Luxury Home Furniture

Premium materials make sensational premium products. These are some of the materials you’ll find in our unparalleled showroom:

  • Brass
  • Glass
  • Bronze
  • Chrome
  • Various woods
  • Fabrics
  • Wallcoverings
  • Tiles
  • Switches

Everything in our showroom is exceptional. You can count on both the workmanship that goes into each table and the long-lasting quality you would expect from such exquisite pieces You’ll be able to stand tall next to one of our very finest tables, shoulders back and eyes beaming with pride.


Different Home Furniture Styles for Different Tastes


Astounding Battersea: in a Class by Itself

Quality, style, and timeless appeal all go hand-in-hand in our showroom. You'll find not only the best Italian furniture around but also the most elite customer service. We'll take care of you. Contact us or drop in today. We're honoured to serve you.